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Flea Market Search Board Game
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“Flea Market Search Board Game” “Flea Market Search” “Flea Market Search” is a search and find game. It also has a memory aspect to this board game. There are three way to play “Flea Market Search”. Short version is to find 3 items Semi short version find 4 items Long version is to find 5 items. Travel in any direction on your turn. But once you decide which way to go you must go that direction. Find the items that are dealt to you either 3,4,5. Find those items at the ten booth that are spread over the game board. Once someone finds the items in their hand then they head towards the exit. First person to get to the exit wins the game. We use the large game board 27"x18". Players 2 to 8 can play. Search, Find and Memorize!!